Happy Teachers Day

October 04, 2017

Dear Teacher, 

Thanks for making us what we are today. :D

Happy Teacher's Day!

Anne xx

I Journeyed

October 04, 2017

Just a quick post! :)

This is one poem I wrote while taking a break from checking a boat load of test papers during my final internship days. This summarizes my feelings and experiences during the whole period. Oh well, without further ado, here it is!

I Journeyed
By Anne 

I walked in 
dry fields  
of shallowness. 

I stayed in, 
my heart out. 
I cried. 
It rained. 

I walked out, 
a new leaf  

The Introduction

October 03, 2017

Hi everyone!!!!

This is my first blog post ever! Yahooooo! :)

So first of all, I would like to introduce myself first (well, just like other creatures here in the worldwide web). I'm Anne and I'm an ESL teacher working online to help Japanese people improve their English speaking skills. I am now on my first month of teaching, hooraay??

Anyway, I wont write everything about myself here as there's About page for that. I just want to let you know what this blog will be all about.

Take note:





Till next time,

Teacher Joy

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